KGSP : 5th cultural experience

In march, they brought 2 KGSP classes to the Independance Hall of Korea. It was a bit far away (Cheonan) and right before exam so it was tiring. We had a presentation of the korean independance and then we had a visit of the museum (full korean >//<) and we had an activity: making our own cup!

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  1. Hi Margaux.
    My name is Aïcha and i have been accepted for the 2019 kgsp edition. I will take my language year at Chonnam National University ^^. I read all your posts and they really help me. I am not sure we will meet in gwangju but I hope so. I am really excited but also nervous. Do you have any advices you may give me for my trip?? Than you in advance

    1. Hello Aïcha! Nice to meet you! Congrats for getting the scholarship! Chonnam is a nice uni and gwangju a nice city, you will enjoy the life there! A lot of stuff are uni-dependant so I don’t know how I can help you >//< i will keep updating my website to show all the places you can visit in gwangju and in the area, i think it's the best I have to offer^^ I will also be at the airport the 21st to greet new KGSP student, so if you arrive the 21st let me know^^

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