NIIED Language Centers

If you are finally a final KGSP scholar and you are still not fluent in korean, you will have to take the 1 year korean class! And the exciting thing is you won’t be able to choose where to study korean: NIIED will attribute the language centers.

If you want to have more information about where you are going to live for one year, keep reading but if you better like having the surprise (good or bad XD) stop reading right now^^

This post will be update when I will receive more informations!


1. Chosun University, Gwangju


Korean class: 3 KGSP classes (Beginner-Beginner-Advanced). 4 hours of korean from 9am to 1pm every day, sometimes more classes during the afternoon or during week-end. There are 2 korean teachers for every class. The Ewha books are used to study korean and every month (approximatively after studying a whole book) we have exam.

Dormitory: 2 dormitories available. 220,000 won/month for Global House (2 students per room, private bathroom) or 180,000 won/month for Green Village (2 students per room, shared bathroom for girls). For more informations about the differences between both dormitories.

Cultural experience: The KGSP supervisor takes good care of the student and organize regularly cultural experiences, trip, dinner…. Mentor programm: each KGSP student has a mentor for the whole semester.

General opinion: positive


2. Chonnam University, Gwangju


Korean class: KGSP students are mixed with other students and korean classes are 4 hours a day (morning or afternoon depending on class). Speaking exams! In addition, 4 hours/week of TOPIK training.

Dormitory: Differents dormitories available but most syudents choose Dorm 9 studio style. Double room with private bathroom but no kitchen (room with micro-wave available). Approximatively 130,000 won per month.

Cultural experience: One cultural experience/semester

General opinion: Good facilities, good teachers, helpful coordinator. However only focus on using korean in everyday life (a lot of speaking) but not enough TOPIK training.


3. Keimyung University, Daegu


Korean class: 4 hours of korean every morning from 9am to 1pm, 2 teachers for 1 class. Keimyung books are used. Morning test everyday, midterm test and final test. Classes are mixed.

Dormitory: There are 2 dormitories, the most expensive is 400,000 won/month (2 students/room and private bathroom). A cheapest one is available but shared bathroom. Roomate are KGSP.

Cultural experience:

General opinion: Positive BUT because dorms are very expensive, it’s difficult to save money or even to have enough money every month.


4. Konyang University, Nonsan 



5. Daegu University, Daegu 



6. Dongseo University, Busan 


Korean class: Classes are TOPIK focused and they have a lot of extra class (almost everyday). The books used are 한국어 즐기기 + Get it Korean grammar + other topik books.

Dormitory: The dormitory is 125,000/month for a 2-people room and private bathroom. Poor facilities. Fo

Cultural experience: Not well planned, always announced the day before, no choice and no transportation facilities.

General opinion: Poor management of activities and class only focus on TOPIK score.


7. Pai Chai University, Daejeon 


Korean class: Bookes used are Baejae, midterms and final exams. Classes are from 9am to 1pm and extra classes sometimes during the afternoon to prepare TOPIK. Only KGSP student class.

Dormitory: Different dorms are available. 1 room for 2 students with private bathroom and fridge. (Roommates are foreigners)

Cultural experience: 1 korean mentor is supervising 6/9 students at the beginning.

General opinion: positive


8. Chungnam University, Daejeon




9. Duksung University, Seoul



10. Sunmoon University, Cheonan 


Korean class: Books used are Sunmoon books. 4 hours class every morning with no-KGSP students. Special TOPIK class are the afternoon and not free.

Holidays: 2 weeks of holidays after one semester (app. 13 weeks).

Dormitory: Approximatively 280,000 per month. Curfew at 10pm and presence in room is checked. Old and non-functional facilities. 1 kitchen in the building but not used. Microwave/fridge in every floor. Common bathroom and toilets.

Cultural experience: only one so far, badly organized and students had to pay.

General opinion: The university is located far away from the city (30min by bus) so not convenient. No facilities like stores in the university. Most of staff and student are part of the university’s cult : Unification cult. Students are disappointed.


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  1. Bonjour j’espère que vous aller bien
    Je veux savoir si il y’a une bource en Corée du sud pour les étudiants du 1 er Cycle “apres avoir obtenue le bac”
    A l’age de 18 ans
    Et je vous remercie énormément pour vos informations

  2. Such a needed feed… There is not much info about language programs before kgsp but this is quite relieving for letting me have at least a general idea about expenses and education. Thank you ^^

  3. Hi, I’ve been searching on information about the expenses for GKS, and I can’t find enough info about it especially the dormitories. Will the NIIED pay for your dormitory? Both during the one year where you study korean and the following years where you take your masters?

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