Studying in Korea, what no one tells you

As you may have understood, I left via KGSP to do a PhD in the field of science. Leaving in 2018, I had to shorten my stay and cancel my scholarship. Since I know that many of you will apply for this year or are interested for the years to come, and that more and... Continue Reading →

Advices to write the cover letter + future goal

As it was requested to me several times and many people asked for my opinion on their application, I better write an article with my advices. !!! These are my personnal advices of what I think it is good to do !!! But always keep in mind that I am not your embassy or korean... Continue Reading →

Korean class

As a KGSP student, you will have to take korean classes for 1 year. Every university as its own mangement but globally the pattern is the same.   1/ Test Before class start we had a korean test to create classes. They told us that we had to do our best during this test because... Continue Reading →

NIIED Language Centers

If you are finally a final KGSP scholar and you are still not fluent in korean, you will have to take the 1 year korean class! And the exciting thing is you won't be able to choose where to study korean: NIIED will attribute the language centers. If you want to have more information about... Continue Reading →

Arrival in South Korea

In this post I will explain how is the arrival in South Korea via KGSP Pick-up at the airport During july/august, the representative of your language institution will contact you to organise the pick-up at the airport. The arrival airport may differ depending on the location of your language location. I think it's Incheon Airport... Continue Reading →

My personal experience

So! What about me? Why did I choose to apply to a foreign scholarship? Why more specially South Korea? ---------- I actually starting learning korean when I was in high school. At that time I regularly met a korean teacher and she was the one that introduced me to KGSP. I had many hopes once... Continue Reading →

How to apply?

In this post, I will explain some details about the documents you must gather in order to apply and more important, how to enhance your application. First of all! Gathering every documents takes time! So DO NOT start when the official guideline is out (beginning of february). You have to use the previous guideline to... Continue Reading →

Embassy or University Track?

To obtain a bachelor or master's scholarship via KGSP-G you can apply via embassy or university. In the end there is no difference between people who got their scholarship via embassy or university. The only difference is the way of application. I'm going to explain how to choose between both!   1/ Check the quota... Continue Reading →

What is KGSP?

KGSP stands for "Korean Government Scholarship Program". This program is organized by the NIIED (National Institute for International Education). Let me sum up why this scholarship is interesting!   1/Are you eligible? First of all, you need to know that depending on your nationality you can not have access to every degree! Degrees are separated... Continue Reading →

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