KGSP : 7th cultural experience

For this 7th experience, the teachers brought us to the countryside of Gwangju. Only 2 classes were guest for this event out of 3 KGSP classes. -The day started with a satoori class. -We then cooked all together for lunch. Each class decided beforehand what they would cook and bought ingredients. We ended cooking kimbap,... Continue Reading →

KGSP : 6th cultural experience

This 6th experience was pretty huge! Our coordinator took us to Gyeongju! For those who are not familiar with korean history, Gyeongju was the capital of the Silla Kingdom, the first unified korean kingdom. Therefore this city is full of historic places to visit! Gyeongju is a bit far away from Gwangju so we left... Continue Reading →

KGSP : 5th cultural experience

In march, they brought 2 KGSP classes to the Independance Hall of Korea. It was a bit far away (Cheonan) and right before exam so it was tiring. We had a presentation of the korean independance and then we had a visit of the museum (full korean >//<) and we had an activity: making our... Continue Reading →

KGSP : 4th cultural experience

As this "4th cultural experience" I want to talk about christmas because teachers orgnized a party for KGSP students. So we went to a coffee shop where we ate chicken, drank beer, sang and danced for a while. It was really nice from the teachers to do that for us. After that they brought us... Continue Reading →

KGSP : 3rd cultural experience

As this 3rd experience, we went to Mudeungsan Mountain. It was a day-trip climbing the mountain to enjoy the famous autumn leaves of Korea. It was very nice!! One KGSP class went to Boseong instead of Mudeugsan.

KGSP: 2nd cultural experience

2nd cultural experience : Festival Gwangju Biennale   This trip was a bit special because in fact it was not for KGSP students. In Chosun Uni, trips are organized depending on your class. KGSP are supposed to be in special class but in my case, my korean level was not appropriated to the others so... Continue Reading →

KGSP: 1st cultural experience

1st cultural experience: Mugagksa Temple The KGSP supervisor in every universities are supposed to organize cultural experience or trips for us regularly. So for this first experience, the university brought us to Mugaksa Temple. Directly after the end of class (1pm) we went to the temple by bus. We were welcomed by monks and learn... Continue Reading →

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