Studying in Korea, what no one tells you

As you may have understood, I left via KGSP to do a PhD in the field of science. Leaving in 2018, I had to shorten my stay and cancel my scholarship. Since I know that many of you will apply for this year or are interested for the years to come, and that more and... Continue Reading →

Chosun University’s Dormitories and campus facilities

Now it’s time to talk about the dorms and facilities on the campus!   In Chosun University you’ll have the opportunity to choose between 2 dormitories.... choose wisely^^ But don't you worry, you will have the opportunity in december to change roommate and dorm! Here is a map with main facilties you may want to... Continue Reading →

KGSP: 2nd cultural experience

2nd cultural experience : Festival Gwangju Biennale   This trip was a bit special because in fact it was not for KGSP students. In Chosun Uni, trips are organized depending on your class. KGSP are supposed to be in special class but in my case, my korean level was not appropriated to the others so... Continue Reading →

Chuseok Holidays in Busan~2018

Chuseok, a traditional and important festival If you happen to be student in Chosun University, you will know very quickly that we don't have holidays (at all T_T). So when Chuseok arrives in september.... enjoy as much as you can this free time^^ Most of people went to Seoul during Chuseok because we had 5... Continue Reading →

Arrivée en Corée du Sud

Dans ce post je vais décrire comment se passe l'arrivée eu Corée du Sud via KGSP L'arrivée En juillet/août, le représentant de la fac d'accueil vous contacte pour organiser le pick-up à l'aéroport. De mémoire le pick-up se fait à Incheon pour tout le monde sauf pour ceux qui vont à Daegu ou Busan. En... Continue Reading →

Arrival in South Korea

In this post I will explain how is the arrival in South Korea via KGSP Pick-up at the airport During july/august, the representative of your language institution will contact you to organise the pick-up at the airport. The arrival airport may differ depending on the location of your language location. I think it's Incheon Airport... Continue Reading →

Mon expérience personnelle de KGSP

Donc! Pourquoi j'ai postulé à une bourse étrangère? Et comment ça s'est passé? ---------- En fait, j'avais commencé à apprendre le coréen au lycée. A ce moment-là je voyais régulièrement une prof de coréen et c'est elle qui m'a parlé de KGSP. J'avais plein d'espoir une fois à la fac car javais toujours voulu étudier... Continue Reading →

My personal experience

So! What about me? Why did I choose to apply to a foreign scholarship? Why more specially South Korea? ---------- I actually starting learning korean when I was in high school. At that time I regularly met a korean teacher and she was the one that introduced me to KGSP. I had many hopes once... Continue Reading →

Comment postuler?

Dans ce post, je vais expliquer en détails quels sont les documents que vous devez rassembler pour monter votre dossier. Mais aussi comment améliorer votre dossier.  Premièrement! Rassembler tous les documents prend du temps! Donc ne commencez pas à les réunir quand la notice sort (début février). Il faut utiliser les notices des années précédentes pour... Continue Reading →

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