KGSP : 6th cultural experience

This 6th experience was pretty huge! Our coordinator took us to Gyeongju! For those who are not familiar with korean history, Gyeongju was the capital of the Silla Kingdom, the first unified korean kingdom. Therefore this city is full of historic places to visit! Gyeongju is a bit far away from Gwangju so we left... Continue Reading →

NIIED Language Centers

If you are finally a final KGSP scholar and you are still not fluent in korean, you will have to take the 1 year korean class! And the exciting thing is you won't be able to choose where to study korean: NIIED will attribute the language centers. If you want to have more information about... Continue Reading →

KGSP: 1st cultural experience

1st cultural experience: Mugagksa Temple The KGSP supervisor in every universities are supposed to organize cultural experience or trips for us regularly. So for this first experience, the university brought us to Mugaksa Temple. Directly after the end of class (1pm) we went to the temple by bus. We were welcomed by monks and learn... Continue Reading →

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