Advices to write the cover letter + future goal

As it was requested to me several times and many people asked for my opinion on their application, I better write an article with my advices. !!! These are my personnal advices of what I think it is good to do !!! But always keep in mind that I am not your embassy or korean... Continue Reading →

NIIED Language Centers

If you are finally a final KGSP scholar and you are still not fluent in korean, you will have to take the 1 year korean class! And the exciting thing is you won't be able to choose where to study korean: NIIED will attribute the language centers. If you want to have more information about... Continue Reading →

Arrivée en Corée du Sud

Dans ce post je vais décrire comment se passe l'arrivée eu Corée du Sud via KGSP L'arrivée En juillet/août, le représentant de la fac d'accueil vous contacte pour organiser le pick-up à l'aéroport. De mémoire le pick-up se fait à Incheon pour tout le monde sauf pour ceux qui vont à Daegu ou Busan. En... Continue Reading →

Arrival in South Korea

In this post I will explain how is the arrival in South Korea via KGSP Pick-up at the airport During july/august, the representative of your language institution will contact you to organise the pick-up at the airport. The arrival airport may differ depending on the location of your language location. I think it's Incheon Airport... Continue Reading →

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