Chuseok Holidays in Busan~2018

Chuseok, a traditional and important festival

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If you happen to be student in Chosun University, you will know very quickly that we don’t have holidays (at all T_T). So when Chuseok arrives in september…. enjoy as much as you can this free time^^

Most of people went to Seoul during Chuseok because we had 5 free days. As for me, because I’ll be doing my degree in Seoul, I was not interested in going to Seoul that much. So instead we stayed in the south of the country and went to Busan with friends! Chuseok holidays happen early, approximatively 1 month after your arrival in South Korea, meaning that these holidays can be a good opportunity to get close to fellow KGSP students.

First of all, you need to know that if you are planning to do a trip for Chuseok you better anticipate because the bus tickets disappear quickly as weel as guesthouse’s beds. We did a 3-days-2-nights in Busan (so busy schedule^^)

Day 1: To leave Gwangju we decided to take the bus (less expensive way). To take a bus you have to go to the Bus Terminal of Gwangju (U-Square) you can either take bus (several bus go to U-Square from the University) of ask for a taxi. When we arrived we already had our tickets so we went directly to the bus….and let’s go to Busan! (travel time approximatively 4 hours).

We arrived at night so we just wandered around to eat seafood and then we went to sleep. If you like seafood and fish you will be definitely happy in Busan^^ So enjoy cause there are foods you can not find in Gwangju.

Day 2: The day after we started by going to Beomosa Temple (Subway line 1 –> Exit 5 or 7 –> Take bus N.90). Despite visiting this templs 5 years ago, I really wanted to go back because I liked it a lot. It was so different from my memories!


After this temple we went to Seokbulsa Temple. This temple was very special because way less touristy than the others…. probably because it is not easy to go there XD honestly it was very nice because we were the only one at this temple so we really enjoyed our time there but…we suffered to enjoy this peaceful temple T_T We clinbed a mountain for more than 1 hour to get there. As you can see on the pictures below it was worth it!!

To end this exhausting day we went to eat seafood and the famous alive octopus at Jagalchi Market. This market is one of the most famous place in Busan, it is a must-see….and if you have money you can eat there (very expensive T_T)

And because we still were not tired enough we went to the very famous Haeundae Beach! (must-see place!). There you can find a lot of restaurant as well as seafood and people singing or dancing everywhere.

Day 3: Because it was our last day and we were supposed to take the bus during the evening we had to carry heavy backbag. Useful to know: you can use lockers in Soomyeon subway station to keep your stuff safe while visiting.

This day we went to Haedong Yonggungsa Temple. This place is also very famous and you won’t regret going there. But because it’s very famous, I advise you to go there as early as possible because there are a lot of tourists and more especially during Chuseok.

After visiting this temple, our last stop in Busan was Gamcheon Culture Village. Because we had to hurry we did not enjoyed enough our time there and it definitely worth to travel there! You can also try hanbok to take pictures.

And after that we were exhausted enough XD If you plan to travel in S.Korea I advise you to download the app Naver Map so that you can find your way easily.


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