Chosun University’s Dormitories and campus facilities

Now it’s time to talk about the dorms and facilities on the campus!



In Chosun University you’ll have the opportunity to choose between 2 dormitories…. choose wisely^^ But don’t you worry, you will have the opportunity in december to change roommate and dorm!

Here is a map with main facilties you may want to know


1/ Global House

Location: This one is only 5/7 minutes walk from the building of international studies so for the everyday life it’s very confortable. And there is also a free shuttle bus going from the international building to the dormitory…very convenient^^ But it is a bit far from the main gate so if you want to go in city center, it will be around 20min by foot (or you can take bus).

Facilities: Each room has its own bathroom. There are 9 floors for girls and 9 for guys. TV room with micro-wave and iron, a laundry room and a study room on each floor. On the 1st floor we have a common study room, an informatic room with printers, a fitness room, the cafeteria and a coffee place “Blue pot”. Downstairs we have a convenience store. We have a shuttle bus.

Cost: 888,000won for a semester and 8,000 won a day during holidays.

Pro/con: Everything is based on a point system. You start with 15 points and if you lose everything you are expelled from the dorm. For instance everytime you don’t follow the curfew it’s minus 1. The curfew is between 1 and 5am. They will also carefully checked that you clean your room and that your bed has everything needed (cover, bed pad..) once a month.


2/ Green Village

Location: It’s a bit further to the study building, but they are closer if they want to leave the university.

Facilities: The guys’ rooms have personal bathroom but for girls, it’s a common bathroom. No cafeteria but there is one in the hospital that is close. Fitness room but facilities are not in good conditions. No study room and in the laundry room only the wash machine but no dryer. Kitchen with “private” fridges but most of the people don’t use it cause it’s too dirty.

Cost: 700,000 won for a semester and 6,000 won a day during holidays

Pro/Con: No curfew, no security, no control. Bedrooms are smaller than Globan House.



There is a clinic in the ground floor of the international building. It is very convenient and not expensive so feel free to got there everytime you have a flu or something like that. For any bigger disease they will send you to the hospital.


A lot of students had to go to the hospital, me included. No need to be afraid, you can be help. In the ground floor, there is a special office for foreigners. Here someone will help you to obtain a meeting with a doctor and may come with you if you need translator. Once you have the appointment you will meet a first doctor who will ask for your symptoms, treatments and so on. After this meeting you will meet another doctor who will proceed to analysis. Once you have the hospital bill, go to the international office (international building to fill the paper to get reimbursed, it’s very easy to do and you will get reimbursed very quickly).


Shuttle bus

There are 3 different shuttle bus. Each of them have different ways and different times. I will introduce the 2 shuttle bus we use in our daily life.
In red, the way they follow and in blue the bus stop (the ones I use).


Post office

In the post office you can send letters of parcel. As for letters it is very easy. For parcel, once you arrive you can choose the size of the box and you fill and close it yourself. It is very convenient. Once everything is done you just have to give it to them and pay depending on the weight. To send a 4kg parcel to France it costed me approximatively 50,000won. Prices are different depending on countries so you can ask beforehand.

Convenient store

The campus is of course filled with convenient stores. Here is the map of those I know. The place we call backgate or 후문 is full of restaurants, karaoke…




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