Advices to write the cover letter + future goal

As it was requested to me several times and many people asked for my opinion on their application, I better write an article with my advices.

!!! These are my personnal advices of what I think it is good to do !!! But always keep in mind that I am not your embassy or korean universities !!!

1/ First of all, keep in mind that your embassy, NIIED comitee and universities will receive hundreds of application. Therefore, be concise with your idea. This is a common thing I observed while reading some of your letters….. too many details. Yes, your background is important but giving details on every person of your family is not interesting for them^^ unless it really makes sense to one of your quality, like for instance, “I am a highly responsible and mature person as I raised my brother instead of my parents”. If you give too much details, then the reader will get bored and you will loose its attention + the main ideas are lost. My advice = Go straight to the point!

2/ Something else very commonly seen is the lack of organization. Some ideas are exposed and then detailed in another part of the letter. That is a big no! Try your best to structurate your letter. You can for instance do
-a part talking about your past studies, working experience, past scholarship and field of interest. Link this part with the next one.
-one about your interest in South Korea, why you pick this country? what can it bring you? why are you interested? This part is really important. You need to keep in mind that NIIED is going to pay your tuition, they want to make sure you will be happy and you can adapt to the country and will go until the graduation. So in this part, you can describe everything that links you to korea (e.g you learn korean, you like X aspect of korean culture, you cook korean foods….).
-another part about you as a person, what are your qualities
To sum up = organize your idea, make it clear for the reader.

3/ Do not lie! Be 100% honest cause you will probably have an interview and they will ask questions on what you wrote. Also do not try to be a person you are not or to be helped…. if you write your letter in korean but your oral is not as good, then you may be in difficulty at the interview.

4/As for the future goal I am not sure. When I was applying, I read an article advising to say that after the graduation you would not stay in Korea.The idea was that once graduated you will be in competition with koreans for jobs. Therefore, that person on its blog said it is better seen to say that you will go back to your country. Others, as argument said that the goal of KGSP is to spread korean culture to the world so it looks more interesting for them if you also go back to your country and act as an ambassador of the korean culture. I personnaly agree with these arguments. In my case I do not remember detailling this topic. Instead I explained what kind of job and what kind of research I would like to do in the future instead of focusing on where.


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